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All About Us

What we value

Our values are simple. 

Be good to people. Be good to the planet. Just be good. We are all people (even us businesses)- whether it’s our customers, our partners, 
or our employees. We act with empathy and goodwill to all people, because that’s just who 
we are. And where do all the people live? On the planet. We want to ensure that it’s around for awhile longer, 
so our decisions and actions reflect being concious of creating a thriving ecosystem for all living things.

And lastly (and firstly), we want to be good. In truth, we want to be really good. To create solutions for our customers
 that are so damn good, well, why would they use anything else?

Why we exist

That’s why we built Growthsayer, to help give companies the insights they need to grow their business automatically - no spreadsheets, no deciphering, no guessing. We make you smarter and more successful. We haven’t figured out how to make you more good-looking yet, but you don’t seem to have any problems there.

Who we are

We’ve been there. We are former inventory planners, tech nerds and industry veterans who were frustrated with how incredibly difficult, clunky and expensive 
traditional demand planning software was. We knew that we could do better, and so we did.

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